Palmer Marketing, Inc.
Proudly Presents
Animaland Collectible Bears
Just like Build a Bear® !

Animaland is very similar to the Build A Bear® Mall Store concept except that we’re bringing it right to your school! These collectible animals are of the same (or better) quality and students get the opportunity to help stuff their own animal. The Animaland Kiosk is ready for your school to enjoy a fun day where students can make, dress and name their very own Collectible Animal!

Step #1: Pick A Skin! We have many different animals to choose from! Student’s pre-order/pre-pay for their bear using a colorful ordering sheet.
Step #2: Stuff Your Animal! Take part in creating your new friend!
Step #3: Dress Your Animal! Many different outfits are available that will appeal to both boys and girls!
Step #4: Name Your Animal! Receive a birth certificate that you fill out!
Step #5: Take Your Animal Home!

Optional - Animaland carry home boxes available for an additional fee.


Animaland Family of Pets are available for Fundraisers of any kind , School Carnivals, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Earth Day, etc.– GREAT for any occasion!
Custom t-shirts are available with your school name and mascot!

Special Introductory Offer
Get one
FREE Animaland Bear with every
15 Bears sold!
Ask about our teacher offer!