Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
Students, Family Members and Teachers love to win prizes!

We have a variety of incentive prize programs! Remember, all of our quality prize programs are optional. Our prize programs are designed to really help motivate your students, family and staff so they will want to help you with your fund raising program. We work directly with you to make sure we develop the perfect prize program for your fund drive. In addition to the printed prize programs we offer additional incentives for top selling classrooms, teacher rewards, family prizes, top sellers and more! Most of our prize programs are included with your fundraiser at no additional cost!

Fundraising prizes are a great incentive to motivate members of your group. It’s a proven fact that a quality fundraiser prize program can double or triple your sale. In addition, students and faculty appreciate to opportunity to earn nice rewards for their participation in your fund raising program.

The Mega Event® has a variety of quality prize programs for all age groups and one for your particular group type. We understand that different age groups like different types of prizes! So, whether you are an Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Sports Team, Cheerleader, Dance Team, Daycare, Gymnastics Group, or Music Group... The Mega Event® has the right prize program for you!